The New LXRYSPRT Watch

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Let's go forward

Because that's what Northgate is all about. A watch that your will wear with great pleasure for years and years


Beautiful watch. The combination watch and the packaging is very thoughtful. Highly recommended!

About me and my philosophy

Since 2004 I have helped various watch brands to make an entrance in the world of watchmaking. As a developer and designer of watch projects, but also as a consultant.

I thought it was time
to design a new watch, which offers a lot for the user. By that I don't just mean a balanced and fresh design, but also with specifications that you normally find in much more expensive watches. I think it is important that the wearer of a watch enjoys wearing the watch every day and that it is also suitable for multiple occasions. That's why I call this design The New LXRYSPRT Watch. A watch with a luxurious but also sporty look. The case design is inspired by designs from the 1970s. Many Swiss brands used cases from which this Northgate case is
derived. So it is not very surprising that I enjoyed wearing the watch on my
wrist every day during the test period of the Northgate models. The case is well balanced because it is flat. The diameter is also not that large, making the model timeless. Timeless also in the sense of the high-quality Swiss Ronda
Quartz caliber with a power reserve of up to 10 years.
having to replace batteries again. What I also incorporated in the design is a screw-down crown, this option is normally only found on watches that are much more expensive, it
is an ideal protection for the crown, but also a protection against water. Read what I write about water and watches in the warranty section. The anti-reflective sapphire glass is also a nice option, this glass is hard and scratches are less likely to occur. The anti-reflective
sapphire glass reveals a carefully crafted dial and hands, the indicators of which are inlaid with the high-quality Swiss Superluminova BWG9. This is a light-absorbing material that is white during the day and glows blue in the
dark for up to 6 hours. I assume that you will enjoy wearing this watch and
that as soon as you have the watch in your hand you will say: Woow better than expected.

With a kind watch greeting.

Willem Kamerman